A few words about our activities

We manage a portfolio of commercial properties located in major cities in Poland, belonging to UNIQA Real Estate Management and GD&K Group. International partners have entrusted us with their portfolios, appreciating our experience and professionalism.

We provide services in the field of: Property Management, Project Management and Leasing Management, as well as legal, design, financial and administrative services.

Thanks to the wide scope of our activities, we meet the needs and adapt to the expectations of investors and tenants, which is the basis for the daily work of GD&K Consulting.
We take comprehensive care of the buildings we manage, which is why our tenants are important to us. We know how to create an optimal working environment for them and help transform their vision into reality.

We care about relationships, which is why the foundation of our company is a well-coordinated team. We work together, no one is anonymous, and a good atmosphere in the office is very important to us.

Meet our team

    • Magdalena Zielińska-Warszawa
      Board Member
    • Jadwiga Kozakiewicz
      Board Member
    • Wojciech Lichota
      Director of Property Management
    • Tomasz Mądrzyk
      Technical Director
    • Włodzimierz Jędruszak
      Leasing & Marketing Director
    • Paulina Pazgan
      Office & PR Director
    • Witold Adamowski
      Finance Director
    • Sandra Machalica
      Property Manager
    • Anna Żelazny
      Property Management
    • Ewa Koziana
      Senior Project Manager
    • Kamil Kowalik
      Hotel Project Coordinator
    • Paulina Żebrak
      Project Manager
    • Maria Kumala-Michałowska
      Project Manager
    • Klaudia Kucharska
      Project Manager
    • Krystian Szumilas
      Project Manager
    • Łukasz Naleśnik
      Project Manager
    • Maciej Polak
    • Anna Medina-Siemek
    • Dominika Haj
      Finance Manager
    • Małgorzata Suder
      Financial Department Clerk
    • Jan Halberda
    • Katarzyna Stachowska-Pszon
    • Anna Lemek
      Administrative Clerk
    • Agata Izbińska
      Payroll Specialist